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5 Simple Tips for Completing Your Fast Track

We are inspired by your decision to help others and we value your time. Please take a moment to read the simple steps below to help you successfully complete your online health history.

  1. Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to fill out the questionnaire. Remember, you must complete the Fast Track Health History the same day you donate.
  2. Complete the questionnaire in a confidential setting, free of interruptions.
  3. To ensure we can accept your Fast Track Ticket, it’s important that your name (how it appears on your donor ID card) and date of birth match what we have in our computer system. If this is your first time donating with us, use what’s on your legal ID.
  4. Make sure your Fast Track Ticket generates before you close out of your browser. You cannot save the form to finish later.
  5. Print and bring your ticket or have it displayed on your mobile device when you come see us so our staff can scan the bar code to pull up your responses.

Privacy Information and System Requirements

The health history questionnaire is on a secure SSL-encrypted page. Your information or responses are not stored anywhere online. The form is compatible with the following browsers and operating systems:
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer (some visual problems can be expected with older versions)